40 Flat Designs: Inspiration For Business Cards

Posted by Olivia dela Rosa on October 30, 2014

Flat design is one of the graphic design trends this year that caught our attention, and we featured some samples of this trend in one of our posts. And because of the overwhelming response to it from the creative crowd, it would just be right to see it being translated into another form of media: Business cards. 

Although flat design is usually adapted as a user interface feature to website, app and mobile design, its visual appeal stands out to a lot of designers who in return render the design into print. The simplicity of flat design makes it easy for designers to highlight only an element or two of their business card design that they want to be noticed. This allows the design to be either focused more on typography or on the image or graphics.

Another key to flat design is that the elements should be simple and clean. In websites and apps there is a wider use of white space and an apparent change in the appearance of buttons and icons. They are made into flatter objects usually with long shadows, which in effect mutes certain elements into the background. Also with flat design, there is more focus on the colors. An effective flat design uses about six to eight colors (without having the whole thing looking like a complete mess), and the more minimalistic ones works with just two or three hues. 

This particular design isn't entirely a new concept, but with the help of big brands like Apple, Microsoft and Google, flat design is having a resurgence. With the way that brands are giving it a fresh treatment and modern twist, it seems like it is here to stay for a while. To inspire you, here are 40 business card designs that have adapted some flat design principles into their theme. 

Flat design business card template

Flavor business card template

Flat design by Anagrama

Xoclad by Anagrama

Flat design Maho business card


Flat design business card Colorplan


Flat design The Shoe Collective

The Shoe Alternative

Flat design Quillez Stamps

Quillez Stamps

Flat design tetrahedron Sumaya Mahadevan

3D Tetrahedron business cards by Sumaya Mahadevan

Flat design FASE Ferroel´┐Żctricos

Fases Ferroeléctricos by Angélica López R.

Flat design Giovana Breitschaft KONG REX

Giovana Breitschaft by KONG REX

Flat design Graphic Burger

Flat design template from GraphicBurger

Flat design Normativa


Flat design business card mockup

Flat design mockup

Flat design Creative Market

Retro edgy design mockup from Creative Market

Flat design Andreas Kleiberg

Branding for Andreas Kleiberg

Flat design DJ business card

DJ business card by GraphicRiver

Flat design Benevolent Society

Benevolent Society

Flat design Lia Martini

Lia Martini

Flat design Tre Konor Creative Jeremy Evans

Tre Konor Creative by Jeremy Evans

Flat design ALA Architects

ALA Architects

Flat design Foreign Policy Design Group

Unlisted Collection by Foreign Policy Design Group

Flat design Larsson Furniture Andre Falk

Larsson Furniture by André Falk Design

Flat design business card

Flat design business card mockup

Flat design Zdunkiewicz Studio

Krzysztof Zdunkiewicz

Flat design Assaggi Restaurant

Assaggi Restaurant

Flat design Creative Underground Ken Lo

Creative Underground by Ken Lo

Flat design A Few and Far Marcus Hollands

A Few And Far by Marcus Hollands

Flat design Caava Design

Next To Me Studios by Caava Design

Flat design Hoola Two Times Elliot

Hoola by Two Times Elliot

Flat design LaVie1Blonde

Chromatic card template by LaVie1Blonde

Flat design Nick Reese Brave People

Nick Reese by Brave People

Flat design VoxelFlux

Flat design mockup from VoxelFlux

Flat design IS Creative Studio

IS Creative Studio

Flat design The Barn Co.

The Barn Co. 

Flat design To Be Bond Popcorn

To Be Bond by Popcorn

Flat design Stevenson Mine Kristian Hay

Stevenson Mine Co. by Kristian Hay

Flat design West Yorkshire Cameras

West Yorkshire Cameras

Branding/identity mockup by Itembridge

Flat design Hassan AK

Flat business card by Hassan AK

Flat design Fleve Design for Atrium

Atrium business cards by Flëve Design Consultancy

Flat design Berger & Fohr

Berger & Fohr

With the right application of flat design principles and an orientation for simple, clean design, you are one step away from creating your a professional looking business card. 

You can read more about flat design and other graphic design trends from our specials. If you are looking to get your business cards printed, use these Vistaprint discount coupons if you want good quality business cards for resonable prices. If you want the absolute best, use these Moo coupons to get a nice discount. Still doubting about what online printing company to use for your business cards? Read our reviews here.

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Olivia dela RosaOlivia dela Rosa
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Those trends definitely all need to be aware of in that the prominent one is flat design, with its prominence on white space, clear typography and bold buttons, has the capability to make products shine, with no distractions to get in the customer's way. One remarkable difference is the field of education as said so in http://goo.gl/vVAlW2

Posted on November 25, 2014 by Jacelyn Richards

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