30 Gorgeous Brochure Design Ideas for print

Posted by Olivia dela Rosa on November 10, 2014

Here are 30 creative examples of brochure designs that will surely inspire you. 

If your product or service falls under the print or design category, your visual branding both in digital and in print matters. A lot. 

In a digital age where Web presence is the king, your printed materials are probably the underdogs. What most designers don't realize is that while content catches people's attention, it's the printed output that converts them into clients or customers. It's the finished product of a designer's creative process. And as much impact it can make on someone, a design won't count if it goes straight to the trash. 

If you've hit a brick wall and can't find further inspiration with your design, here are 30 creative examples of brochures that might help you do the task. We curated a great selection of modern brochures that nailed it in terms of visual storytelling and perfectly captured brand values, what with their creative use of illustrations, typography and photography. 

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Epic Awards Brochure design

Special Folding brochure  Epic Awards

Brochure design by manualcreative

sku brochure

Snowbordets history by Olesya Kurulyuk 

Brochure by IKEA

Amazing Brochure design by IKEA

Brochure design idea Opera Australia

Opera Australia by Interbrand Sydney

Brochure design ideas Thomas Chapman

Art Berlin Contemporary exhibition flyer by Studio Hausherr 

Brochure design ideas Good Design Manifesto

Good Design Manifesto by Minji Cha

Brochure design ideas Goliath Sportswear

Goliath Sportswear by Studio Beige

Brochure design ideas Mivart Studios

Mivart Studios by Mytton Williams

Brochure design International Festival Architectural Models

Architectural Model Festival brochure concept by Lili Köves

Brochure design ideas digital painting

GF Smith Digital Painting

Brochure design ideas Escola Beija Flor

Beija Flor by Osh Grassi

Brochure design ideas Alt Group

Silo Theatre by Alt Group

Brochure design ideas motel booklet

Motel photographic studio by She Was Only

Brochure design ideas Esquire manual

Esquire Manual For A Stylish Life by Nick Millington

Brochure design ideas Tori Kort Telit

Torikorttelit by Kokoro & Moi

Brochure design ideas Adult Swim Comic con

Adult Swim Comic Con brochure by Joseph Veazey

Brochure design ideas Draw in Light

Draw In Light

Brochure design ideas B&P Papers

B&F Make Sense

Brochure design ideas Community of Leaders

Community of Leaders by Hyperakt

Brochure design ideas LCL Global

LCL Global

Brochure design ideas Casa Da Musica

Piano Annual Programme by Sara Westermann

Brochure design ideas Home

Home by KentLyons

Brochure design ideas

CC Koksijde by Skinn Branding Agency


Brochure design ideas Fruita Blanch

Fruita Blanch by Atipus

Brochure design ideas  Artful Dodger

Pomme Chan by Made by Six

Brochure design ideas Made By Six

Made by Six.

Brochure design ideas Fight For Honor

LA | Music Fest III by Dolores Oliver

Brochure design ideas Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University Art & Design Department prospectus by Un.titled

Brochure design ideas Lake Shore

Lake Shore by John Owens


Google 2014 Brochure

Amazing Brochure Design for Google

Brochure design ideas

Tipografia San Martino by Kalimera

Brochure design ideas Writing the Berlin Way

Writing the Berlin Way by Weiss Heiten


There are a lot of designs that you can take inspiration from and you can take note of the design elements used on each design that you can reinvent as your own. What really matters is that you as a designer understand the message that you are trying to convey with each color, shape and letter that you strategically place on your printed design. Just remember, if in doubt, make use of white space.

Like what you see here? Our comment box needs your thoughts and ideas. Leave us a comment below!

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Freelance writer and editor since 2011. Major design enthusiast. Resident writer and trendhunter for Printingdeals.


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