Creative Ideas for Wedding Invitations

Posted by Olivia dela Rosa on October 07, 2014

Engaged couples are getting more and more creative and adventurous these days. They want to be hands-on from preparation to the day of the wedding itself, and they want the experience to be as unique and as personalized as it can get. However grand or festive or intimate you want your wedding day to be, you still need the perfect invitations to match the event. Here's a selection of carefully curated creative wedding invitation idea's that would serve as inspiration on your special day. 

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Handkerchief Map (“Handkermap”) by Kelli Anderson


“Like a souvenir from a road trip, Youngna and Jacob wanted me to create an object that would serve as a lasting momento of adventure for their guests. Because their venue is a remote mountain-top home, the handkerchief had to function as accurate way-finding tool – while simultaneously preserving the journey’s idiosyncratic visual landmarks for future memories.” Such is the story behind Kelli Anderson’s lovely project. The handkermap wonderfully showcased the visual impact of letterpressed design and printed illustration, both on paper and fabric. This is just one of Anderson’s amazing projects, and the creative crowd is always on the outlook for her next projects.


Teepee Wedding Invitation

Closeup of teepee wedding invitation

teepee wedding invitation

teepee wedding invitation typeface

teepee wedding invitation

teepee wedding invitation upright

Although unconventional, you might want to consider a teepee-styled invitation as an inspiration for your wedding day. Designed by Device Creative Collaborative, this teepee invitation functions well just like any other invitations, filling out each side of the teepee with the event details. They shared the story behind the project on their Behance profile: "Event planner Lisa Vorce wanted a custom invitation that would create conversation and excitement about her clients’ upcoming Native American-inspired wedding in the desert of Arizona. Drawing from those influences, we designed the form and function of a small teepee, complete with skewers as support beams." Device Creative Collaborative is a team of creatives based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, specializing in stationery, packaging, posters, web and brand identity. The teepee wedding invitation is just one of their projects.

Inside the envelope, you will find both the card and sticks to be used as the teepee’s framework. The neutral hues, minimalist design and amazing play on typography and symbols create a cohesive design without going off-theme. This is perfect for themed weddings and other concept events.

“Polaroid” Wedding Invitation

polaroid wedding invitation flatlay

polaroid wedding invitation package

polaroid wedding invitation for jack and kate

polaroid wedding invitation RSVP and postcard

polaroid wedding invitation card set and photo

Some genius out there decided that Polaroid should offer more than just photos, and that genius came in the form of ElloThere. ElloThere is a design team from Brooklyn, specializing in maps, prints and wedding invitations. The team wanted the whole package – literally – and designed wedding invitations that looked just like Polaroids as Jack and Kate's Save The Date.

Infographics as Invitations

Infographic Save The Date main

Infographic Save The Date details

Infographic Save The Date details

Infographic wedding invitation

Infographic wedding invitation details

Graphic designer couples would go crazy over these. Natalia Grosner designed these Save The Date cards and invitations for the wedding of her friends Paul and Olga. These clever cards were made in the style of infographics and they make for such a fun and interesting read. Trivias like “Why is Olga getting married? (Diamond Ring)”, “How the groom gets ready for his big day (Tuxedo, Jack Daniels), and “Successful Wedding Receptions (3% friends and family, 6% good food, 91% open bar)” colorfully describe the personalities of the couple and perfectly set the tone of the event. With the help of copywriter Andrew Chisholm and Flora & Fauna Press, Grosner definitely pulled off a one-of-a-kind design with this.

Retro Viewmaster Wedding Invitations

retro viewmaster wedding invitation

retro viewmaster box

retro viewmaster

retro viewmaster photoset

retro viewmaster box

Instead of stamped envelopes, scented papers and save the date cards, friends and families of Kim and Jack were probably surprised to receive a box carrying a viewfinder instead. Made by Melangerie NYC, these viewfinders serve as the guests’ wedding invitations, featuring a custom picture reel and an insert card for additional information about the event.

DIY Save the Date Paper Dolls

paper dolls stamps

save the date paper dolls

save the date paper dolls

paper dolls scissors

save the date stamp

Paper dolls for invitations? Yes please! Shannon Eileen came up with this ingenious idea of customized paper dolls as Save the Date cards for her own wedding. As she shares on her own blog Happiness Is, “To get guests revved up about the wedding, I wanted to send them something unexpected. Something they could play with. Our theme wasn’t yet established, but we knew we would ask our guests to come dressed in their vintage best. Racking my brain, I thought about old toys that conjure up nostalgic memories for all generations. Paper dolls? I bounced the idea off of my mom and her eyes lit up. Yes!” To cap it off, Eileen even had their own personalized stamps that had her and Hal's face on it. 

Thanks to the help and imagination of designers, more and more couples are willing to experiment with new designs and materials to their wedding invitations. No matter how much time and effort they spend on creating their invitations, they all just have to keep in mind what is most important - and that is the wonderful opportunity to celebrate their love.  

Anything you like on this page? Care to share? We're sure your friends would love to hear these ideas as well. Comment on the box below or share this news on your news feed!

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